Foxtrick is a joint effort by a few developers, and translators for nearly every language in Hattrick.

There were always people saying Foxtrick is more important to them than HT Supporter package. Now you can show your appreciation with deeds as well as words.

Help make developing Foxtrick easier by even a tiny bit. You can pledge as little as €2!

€2 is about the price of a beer, yet, a developer could work full time if 5% of Foxtrick users pledged €2 every month. Hattrick Supporter subscription costs a few times as much.

Contribute via PayPal


Why your contribution matters?

Foxtrick – a bundle of features you know and love – is like a house of cards between your browser and Hattrick. It relies on both of them behaving in a nice, constant and expected manner. Unfortunately, the only constant thing in life is change. Changes by Hattrick and browser vendors (especially Mozilla) are never ceasing and every change has the potential to knock that house of cards over.

Stability is all and good but we would also like to have new features every once in a while. This means that Foxtrick's TODO list is always long. Foxtrick requires constant developer time.

Unfortunately, volunteered developer time for Foxtrick has been declining over the years. Time is a limited resource in all of our lives. Your help is sorely needed now.

How will developer time be spent?

  • Fixing bugs and maintaining the code base
  • Developing support for the new multi-process architecture in Firefox
  • Developing new features
  • Better support for Safari and Opera2

How will your money be spent?

  • Server and DNS costs
  • Getting better art assets (icons, logos)2
  • Software fees2
  • Payment fees3
  • Buying beer for Foxtrick collaborators

What do you get for your money?

  • A happy fuzzy feeling
  • Foxtrick forum badge
  • Prioritized support
  • Voting on new features4
  • Credited as a contributor in the Foxtrick about section (if pledged €10+)

Other ways to contribute

  • Help translate Foxtrick on Crowdin.
  • Contribute screenshots for the Foxtrick feature database5
  • Contribute icons and other art assets5
  • Contribute code5


This is a beta program to gauge the general willingness to support the Foxtrick project. While we will try to honor our commitments to the best of our ability you should understand that they are limited.

We will try to provide the listed benefits in a reasonable time and for as long as possible but we can not and do not guarantee it; you should treat this program as a monthly plan. Furthermore, any or all of the benefits may change or be cancelled due to practical/technical reasons or low turnout.

Foxtrick is licensed under the GNU General Public License, has no warranty, and claims no liability for any damages you might sustain while using the software.

1 monthly payments can be revoked any time at PayPal.
2 provided enough contributions are donated.
3 e. g. PayPal charges €0.35 + 3.4%.
4 this feature is not yet implemented; details will be announced separately when it is ready.
5 you can find us at [post=16281487.1] or #foxtrick @