Foxtrick Beta

Due to lack of developer resources, the only builds that work reliably and see constant progress are beta builds. They contain the latest features and the latest bugs: Download Foxtrick beta.

Mobile browsers

  • Definitely NOT in the Apple iOS Ecosystem. Addons do not work with Safari mobile and every other browser is forced by Apple to use the same engine, yes, even Firefox. I call this crime against the web™.
  • Kiwi: Untested and not officially supported but might work. Other chromium browser MAY follow in the future: Edge, Chrome, Opera, etc
  • Firefox: The regular builds work with Firefox version <= 68. The new Firefox Preview (version 75+) has locked down addon support for 'recommended addons' only, and Foxtrick is not one of them.
  • Safari/Chrome/Opera: does not work.


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