The latest release of Foxtrick is version


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Choose your browser

* Due to browser restrictions local builds are mostly useful for Linux only now.

Install instructions:

For most browsers, you just need to click one the links above. If that doesn't work, download the file and drag'n'drop it into the browser. For local Google Chrome/Opera builds you need to drag the crx file onto the extensions tab (options->tools->extensions).

WARNING: Foxtrick is incompatible with Firefox multi-browser mode. Read instructions to enable the work-around if your FT is not working at all.

Mobile browsers

The only mobile browser which supports addons so far is Firefox for Android. Hence, Foxtrick won't work on Opera mobile, Safari mobile or Chrome mobile!

Foxtrick light

There's a version available in which pure presentational modules have been removed to increase accessibility: Foxtrick light