Trouble Shooting


Help I'm stuck! You come here with a problem related to Foxtrick unsolved. But please be patient, read this lengthy passage and you may solve your issue in a swift manner.

Here you'll learn how to determine whether an unexpected behaviour is a bug of Foxtrick, how to solve it yourself if possible, and how to report the bug.

Is it a bug of Foxtrick?

To tell whether it's a bug of Foxtrick, simply disable Foxtrick, reload the page, and see whether the unexpected behaviour persists. If the problem is still there, it's not a bug of Foxtrick.

Foxtrick bug, confirmed

Once you have confirmed that what you have seen is indeed a bug of Foxtrick, first make sure that you are using the latest version of Foxtrick.

Download the latest version

If the release version doesn't solve the issue for you, you could try the development builds.

Cache and other weird issues

Browsers tend to sometimes experience temporary insanity. Try clearing the browser cache and Foxtrick cache. Sometimes disabling Foxtrick, restarting your browser and enabling Foxtrick again helps.

Problem not solved!

If your issue persists, you could try the following steps. These are encouraged only when severe issues are raised, e.g. Foxtrick not working at all, browser freezes.

  • Disable all other add-ons and try with only Foxtrick enabled.
  • Uninstall Foxtrick and install all over again.
  • If you can, please test your bug in a different browser and see if it is browser-specific.
  • If you are using Mozilla Firefox: try in a new profile of Firefox by running firefox -P --no-remote to start the profile manager of Firefox, create a new profile, and install Foxtrick there.

Check existing bugs

Um, and now we're pretty sure it's a bug of Foxtrick, but you could still find out if others have encountered similar issues as you, by searching in the issues list.

Call for help

So now you may want to inform the developers of the issue you have and hope they give you hand. Actually we don't give a hand every time but we always try to help.

If the bug is specific to a certain Hattrick page, use the bug report link and follow instructions.

Visit the Foxtrick forum in Hattrick and state your case. Please do not create a new topic for your issue, use the existing topics instead. Those include topics created specifically for certain Foxtrick versions and/or browsers.

Or you could create an issue at Github and state what problem you have encountered, list your browser/OS configuration and wait for our reply.