Development builds

Foxtrick Beta Downloads

* Due to browser restrictions it is likely no longer possible to install local builds. Welcome to the age of Walled Gardens.

Install instructions:

For most browsers, you just need to click one the links bellow. If that doesn't work, download the file and drag'n'drop it into the browser. For Google Chrome (Linux and Mac) you need to drag the crx file onto the extensions tab (options->tools->extensions).

WARNING: beta builds from the Chrome Web Store are incompatible with the stable version yet will not overwrite it automatically. You will need to disable or remove the stable version after beta installation. Backup your settings first.

Mobile browsers

  • Definitely NOT in the Apple iOS Ecosystem. Addons do not work with Safari mobile and every other browser is forced by Apple to use the same engine, yes, even Firefox. I call this crime against the web™.
  • Kiwi: Untested and not officially supported but might work. Other chromium browser MAY follow in the future: Edge, Chrome, Opera, etc
  • Firefox: The regular builds work with Firefox version <= 68. The new Firefox Preview (version 75+) has locked down addon support for 'recommended addons' only, and Foxtrick is not one of them.
  • Safari/Chrome/Opera: does not work.